Zoom creates vacation experiences for gays and lesbians, and their families and friends that are modern, fun, luxurious, and value-engineered. Simply put, they are filled with adventure and culture, without sacrificing comfort and style.

Our travelers typically seek a deeper physical, cultural and emotional bond with the people, places, sights and entertainment choices of featured destinations, yet demand the highest level of comfort, service and value. Thus, Zoom provides the opportunity to experience fascinating cultures and meet interesting people in a thoroughly modern, fun, luxurious and valued way.

Zoom packages are designed to help travelers expand their minds, invigorate their souls and re-energize their imaginations.

The Story of Zoom

Over the past decade, vacationing, especially for gay and lesbian travelers, has seen enormous change. More and more gay men and lesbians with a passion for travel are living a modern global lifestyle.* Zoom Vacations® was born to keep up with this evolution by offering gay and lesbian travelers and their families the opportunity to experience other cultures and meet interesting people in an affordable and thoroughly modern way. You may have been traveling for years, but you won't know what you've been missing until you take a trip with Zoom.

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