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There's no experience in the world like an Atlantis all-gay vacation. We start by chartering an entire ship or beach resort, creating a completely comfortable, relaxing and beautiful setting. Then we add a fantastic array of people and possibilities you'll never find on an ordinary vacation. All of it completely designed to create the most welcoming and friendly setting you've ever imagined. Our entertainment is legendary, featuring an ever-changing roster of our community's best comedy, vocal, and cabaret entertainers, along with special guest stars. Our parties are spectacular, starring the world's most popular DJs in phenomenal outdoor settings. And our team will make you feel right at home, offering a smile at every turn.

As Individual as You Are
Every Atlantis vacation can be as individual as you desire, because you custom-create it from a set of activities, entertainment, and dining options as diverse as our guests. Try a new sport. Lounge by the pool. Explore an ancient city, or a modern boardwalk. Discover a new talent, or indulge in a spa treatment. The options are practically endless.

As much as there is to do, you'll find ample opportunity to do nothing. Toss your watch and ignore the schedule. There's never pressure to participate, but always a friendly opportunity.

Imagine your favorite vacation days. Are they filled with things familiar or unexpected? A schedule full of activities or forgotten time doing nothing? A dance floor packed with shirtless men, or a deserted corner of the beach? An Atlantis vacation is all that and so much more.

Get Into the Groove
No matter which Atlantis all-gay cruise or resort  vacation you choose, you'll always find a welcoming, playful, and carefree spirit in the air. Stress, inhibitions and the responsibilities of everyday life melt away, replaced by the camaraderie of friends old and new, making memories that will last a lifetime.

What really sets an Atlantis vacation apart aren't the things you do, but the people you share them with. It's such a comfortable community that we make it easy for you to connect with friends old and new. We create gatherings for single travelers, couples, women, and leathermen. Commitment ceremonies. Religious services. Daily AA meetings. Personal enrichment classes. No matter your interests, they become opportunities for you to connect with other guests. But often, the best place to meet people is as close as your dinner table.

Always Ready for You
Throughout your vacation, our talented and creative Atlantis Team is there to assure your comfort as well as host and entertain you. We're right there with you, everywhere you need, and always ready to answer questions, help with issues, and respond to suggestions. We take pride in the personal care of our guests and look forward to getting to know you and making the most of your vacation. Our unique team gives our vacations a personality and spirit that no other experience can offer.

And Always the Best Gay Vacation Value
We add so much to the overall vacation and customize it in ways you never could dream of, making it hard to compare Atlantis to any other experience in the world. Yet, our prices are very reasonable, often starting under $899 for an entire week. Plus, virtually everything is included, so you spend your holiday time playing instead of paying!

We pride ourselves at not only offering the best value of any gay vacation, but always offering a terrific value when compared to any other vacation out there.

Most importantly, we promise to always treat our guests fairly when it comes to matters of pricing. Instead of offering a confusing array of discounts and specials, we keep or prices fair and always promise that you'll receive the lowest price for whatever category you book. That's our promise to you and if you want to know more, check out our Fair Price Guarantee policy (see below). We know you'll be pleased.


That's the way we play. 

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  • Atlantis is your vacation company

    In their 17 years, they've grown into the largest company specializing in all-gay vacations, hosting over 20,000 guests a year from all over the world.



  • Atlantis is your vacation company

    In their 17 years, they've grown into the largest company specializing in all-gay vacations, hosting over 20,000 guests a year from all over the world.

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